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Repository of scripts to remove programs

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We are deploying a bunch of new HP computers and they come with a wack load of pre-installed programs. Before I go to the trouble of figuring out how to removed them via LT I was wondering if there is a repository of scripts that remove different programs?

If there is could someone point me that way?



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There is not a master list that I am aware of. Some Admins might have their own custom scripts where they sent time going through and making a script for them. We don't use/sell HP devices so I am unable to share any of that information for uninstallers.

If your used to using LT for all your automation tasks then creating a search tied to groups for your scripts will help automated 99% of all that moving forward.

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My advice:

  1. Take a look at this for an example of how you can build a master PowerShell script that acts as "repository" of sorts for removing bloatware: https://github.com/arcadesdude/BRU/blob/master/Bloatware-Removal-Utility.ps1

    I'm sure you can adapt it to your purposes and deploy via an Automate script (suggest using the Execute Script: Powershell Bypass function or similar technique to bypass execution policy). Since bloatware often evolves over time, this framework can easily be adapted. This approach of course requires some PowerShell savvy. You can also accomplish these uninstalls via a series of smaller LabTech scripts that are called by a master de-bloat script (this is my approach, to allow for EDF-controlled granularity in extent of each client's "debloating").
  2. Consider selling different hardware next time, if possible. The way I see it, Microsoft ships Win10 with enough bloatware (which, BTW, can also be removed with LT/PoSh scripts). Find an OEM (or perhaps their "business" product line) that doesn't bundle as much bloatware of their own. We sell exclusively Dell for workstations (Business lines only, eg, no Vostro or Inspiron), and they are very light on the bloatware (some of it is actually super useful, eg, Dell Command Update). 

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