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Duplicate GUID's?

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Long story short, I was having issues upgrading to v12 (problem turned out to be a corrupt exe) so I ended up talking to support. The tech that helped me ran some server analysis tool (CWA Server Toolkit) they use to make sure we met the prerequisites for 12. After we were done, he left the tool up on the server so I started poking around and ran something named Common Server Issues and got the failures in the attached screenshot.

Next, I tried applying the needed updates in Solution Center. Several of the items that need updates want to update the AlertTemplate named ~Autofix Action Restart Service. Each time it tries to update it fails and gives the following error:

Exception occurred when checking that items was installed correctly: Unable to load item locally: Invalid Operation exception occurred when loading alert template details. There are duplicate script guids in lt_scripts table.

Which appears to be one of the issues the CWA Toolkit spit out. Does anyone have any insight into what needs to be done to fix these issues?



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This shouldn't ever happen, but I've had it several times with my own scripts, which have all been created via the GUI and not imported via sql script. It always occurs after a version upgrade. Support will never accept that there exists a bug in the upgrade scripts. Tried it, never got anywhere.


Ok, to locate the script try the following in yog:

select scriptname, scriptguid from (
	select scriptguid from lt_scripts
	group by scriptguid
	having count(scriptguid) > 1
	) x
left outer join lt_scripts on x.scriptguid=lt_scripts.scriptguid

it should return the name of two (or more) duplicated scripts with their IDs.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. There was a script from an old plugin that was duplicated about 10 times for some reason. 

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