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Pulling in Disk Space History into a Report

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Figured someone might find this useful and surprisingly I got the answer from support! 

I was looking for a way to see drive history for any agent over any period of time and while Automate stores this information in the DB it does not provide any easy way to view it on the front end (that I am aware of) with a nice pretty graph.

The easiest way I have found to extract this info is to use the "Drive Detail" report in the report center and copy then edit it.

With the report open in the report designer follow the steps below to edit the report:

1. Open report in Report Designer

2. Click Edit Data Source on the toolbar along the top

3. Click on Drive History and click Edit

4. In the Where SQL box enter the following: 

DateDiff(Now(), DriveDateRecorded) < 365

This will make the graph on the page display the history of the drive usage on the agent over the past year. You can change the 365 number to any number to get a graph over various days.

 If you want to show drive usage history between 2 particular dates you can do that with the following statement and edit the dates as required:

((DriveDateRecorded > '2017-03-01') AND ( DriveDateRecorded < '2017-05-01') )

5. Once you have configured the statement as required press ok to everything then publish the report to the database by pressing the button in the toolbar.


No doubt someone will be along shortly to tell me there is an easier way to do it but in case there isn't I thought I would put this out there who's not an SQL wizard (like me).

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Hey Man,

Just a word of thanks for this! - I've implemented and the team are very happy to have more visibility!

- Jay

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I'm glad I found this post. I just finished fiddling with my copy of Drive Details to create Drive History - 90 Days, with less fiddly data I don't want (why is there output for the drive letter when the header for each section is the drive letter?) and a nice wide expanded graph per drive for better visibility, plus actual sorting the drives in letter order (the original Drive Details was listing our fileserver's drives in order D, C, F, then E).

I will never enjoy bashing around in DevExpress but hey, whatever gets the job done.

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