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LabTech Data Dictionary

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At some point in your career with LabTech you'll be forced to work directly with the database. Normally the go-to recommendation are Chris Taylor's docs at: http://labtechconsulting.com/LT-DB/index.html  however that schema hadn't been updated since 2015 with many large and small changes over the years. Also comments had been truncated leaving many cut off mid sentence?

I have two updated versions available. One is a downloadable chm file made in the same style as the official ConnectWise Manage data dictionary. I also have an online version that's nearly identical.

I recommend the chm as it has a few notable advantages. The search in the chm file can do a full search across *everything* and . That includes the code for the trigger/view/procs, etc.  Not only that but you can also pin to your favorites anything frequently used that persists. Both feature vector graphs to visually show relationships as well as the underlying code though!

I also included all core LabTech plugins so it'd be the most complete reference doc.


Everything is drillable so you can easily explore how different objects relate to each other.


If you have a good writeup for any descriptions I can roll it into an updated release. Hopefully one day everything will be documented!



View the code for functions, procedures, views


Example viewing a trigger after clicking on one of our related dependencies.



Pin frequently used Tables/Views to your favorites tab!



I'll be updating them if anyone has any feedback or comments I can add in. Feel free to shoot me a message on here or on the LTG Slack "smeyer"

Online: LabTech Data Dictionary

Offline Docs:  LabTech 2019.4.chm  *New and improved*  You may have to unblock the file after downloading! 

Older Releases:
Online v12 P8 Data Dictionary


Edited by Deflect
Updated to the latest version! Also added a note about unblocking the file after downloading. Thanks mikejudd and Gavsto from months ago!
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