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Run script function as location admin?

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Wondering if there is a way to insert the location designated Admin username as a variable, OR run a function "as admin".  Specifically, working with and If File Exists check, but it's a file that usually exists under a user's appdata folder.  (Chrome installer log for now.)  3PP via Automate, drops it into the temp folder for the location admin.  I'm trying to build a simple script to just grab the logs - but don't want to make a copy of the script for every location (different admin accounts.)


I did try "%systemdrive%\users\%adminusername%\appdata\local\temp\", but it just leaves a blank space for the adminusername.  trying %admin right now.  It'd all be easier if I could just do the file check 'as admin' of course.

(The installation runs under the assigned local user account, but the IF file exists check runs under SYSTEM - so the %temp% variable won't expand to the right path.)




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Just thinking out loud.  Could use File Copy as admin perhaps, to copy it from the %temp% to windows\temp, and then just pick it up from there, perhaps.

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