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Warranty Looker Upper - Some big updates recently

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Hey All! Been a while since I've posted updated information about this plugin, but I wanted to re-share it since it's grown and improved so much since that last post. 

If you're looking for a tool to query warranty information across your clients that works reliably, has great features, and has an affordable cost, you should seriously consider Warranty Looker Upper. You can get more information about it on the plugin page here.




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Hello Tim. We just added Warranty Looker Upper and need to get accurate warranty information into our network assessment / on-boarding report. Has anyone been able to use your plug-in to pull data via Report Designer? 

Thank you, 


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Hey Paul,

Reports use datasources which are basically MySQL queries to retrieve information from the database. The plugin stores the information in the table plugin_sd_warranty_looker_upper_lookups as strings that can be converted to dates with the function STR_TO_DATE(start_date,'%m/%d/%Y') (same for end_date). You can also enable the function to copy to the computers table. With that you can easily query the computers table where the columns used are assetdate and warrantyend.


Hope that helps!



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