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Update Extra Data Field for multiple computers by Group

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As part of a reboot schedule I'v created 5 groups and divided our workstations (around 1,200 of them) in to each group and scheduled them to restart on different days. I wanted to check, easily which of these failed for any reason, by group, however no group membership search field exists. Support suggested I create an extra data field, which I've done. However, the issue is, setting group membership in this field for this many machines, doing it manually would take hours. Is there a way to batch update, by group? 

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Yes, by using a script and the ExtraData Set Value function.

If you want the EDF to contain only the name of the agent's reboot group, then set the value of that function to the group name and run your script on the group.

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I have done this for many partners. I typically assign the grouping at the client level. 

  • Create a pull-down selection EDF for each of the Clients: Week 1/2/3/4;  Patch Group 1/2/3/4/5;  etc.
    • The tab and pull-down selection will be created in Clients> Info> [Tab you create]
  • Create an Search Advance Search (which will be used as Auto Join Search) "Patching - Group 1/2/3/4/5" 
  • In Patch Manager > Configuration > Groups: Create a new group for each of the Patching Groups while using the Auto-Join Searches that you created in the last step. 
  • Then assign your Microsoft / Third Party / Reboot Policies to each of the Groups. 

Since you've used the pull-down EDF, The assigned computers will not accidentally belong to multiple conflicting Groups. 



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