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Michael Priest

Script Function Enhancements

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Hi All,


I've been working on a Plugin which I have called "Script Function Enhancer" which is designed for people that want to get more out of the LabTech scripting Engine by adding Custom Script Functions to help you in your day to day operations.


As usual if you have any idea's or extra functionality you would like to see please send me a PM / Email / Talk to me with your idea.



Can be installed through my Plugin Installer : http://apps.michaelpriest.com.au/MPPluginInstaller/.


- New Installations will activate in a Trial mode for 7-days, as like everything else i do i will be extending the Trial Periods until i have figured out what i am doing with the Solution

- No Current documentation is available.


- Compatible with LabTech 2013 Only


How to Use

Your Script Step needs to use the Function "Plugin Server Function" from that you will be presented with a dropdown showing you all available custom functions.




Script Functions


  • Client Password - Get by Title - Returns a Clear Text version of a Password stored on the Client Screen, Obtained by Title
  • Client Password - Set by Title - Updates a Password Stored in the Client Screen IF a Password does not exist by the Title Specified it will be Created, Identified by Title.

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really no comments on this post?


idea: instead of using script steps to find if open ticket is there or not.. if it's not create a new one.. but if it's there just add to the current one.. etc that's currently a block of steps i always copy from the other autofix scripts.. it would be cool if that was a single function instead.

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Just a quick shout out of thanks for this. I have been using the fool out of the get/set password functions.


Built a script to generate a new admin and random password per client.... can see it here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1093#p7875


Uses this get/set function within the script.

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