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Create Monitor on Exchange Log Drive

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Hi Guys, 

This script will check if the server is a mailbox server, then check the log drive letter, then create two monitors for the log drive.

You can use the Exchange Mailbox Role search to find the MBX servers then run the script there.


You can edit some of the variables in the script if you want to change thresholds, ticket category, etc.



Edit 1:  Monitor updated:

Switched to a percentage monitor.  Makes a 50% and 70% monitor, be sure to change the ticketcategory you'd like to use for each level.

Added check for is a mailbox server by getting result and requiring a match to the %computername% you are running script on.

Get-MailboxDatabase | Select-Object -Property Server | Get-Unique -AsString | ft -hidetableheaders

Edit 2: Fixed the existing monitor check so it doesnt make duplicates if you run more than once.




Create Exchange Log Drive Monitor.xml

Edited by Mrjoshua

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If this gets to a point where you are comfortable with it, let me know and we can give you permissions to the downloads section where you can upload this.


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