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Windows 10 update Script from Network Share help

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Hi All,

First post, sorry if this is the wrong place or I'm asking the wrong question.  I'm a noob to Labtech Scripting and our Tools Admin is on a long PTO, but basically trying to run this command to push a Windows 10 update from a network share.  It works from command line on the computer so it's not permissions or a bad command, but when I push through Labtech it hangs on waiting no matter which computer I try.  It never fails, just hangs.  

I run Shell as admin:

start /wait \\Location\setup.exe /auto upgrade /compat IgnoreWarning /DynamicUpdate disable /showoobe none /uninstall enable

This is connectwise cloud.  If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear.

Again, I'm new so please don't flame if I'm not supposed to be asking this here.


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Hi Matt,

Shell as admin can be tricky as it sometimes prompts for elevation, have you might want to copy it locally and then use shell to install it

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This is a bit late but if you are trying to do anything like this you will find it useful to write your batch file so that it writes a log to c:\windows\temp\, or similar. 

In the first line do something like echo %date% %time% >> c:\windows\temp\win10upd.log

In the last line do the same.

The above line should also have >> c:\windows\temp\win10upd.log added to it.

You could also add a few more diagnostics, like

net use >> c:\windows\temp\win10upd.log

dir \\server\share >> c:\windows\temp\win10upd.log

Echo %username% >> c:\windows\temp\win10upd.log

All of this will give you information on why the update may have failed to even start. As Mnewman mentioned, in this case its most likely that the admin credentials didn't work as expected.


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