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Difficult topic.... I've added the routing firewall now to the scan subnets. Still no result. Frustrating part is that i can SEE all traffic passing by in the firewall. It scans all IP's and even the IP from the iLO5 device. First ping, then SNMP and after all a port scan to check available ports. So you should expect the device in the list but it does not appear. 

So i've got two questions:

1. It came to my attention the "Found Devices" tab in the probe's Network Devices remains empty. (same at every probe) is this expected?
2. So my situation has at least 3 vlans, connected with a routing firewall. The probe in VLAN "12" is scanning VLAN 11,12 and 14. It is able to find devices in all VLAN's. All except the iLO5 and the WatchGuard Firewalls. The firewall traffic logs show me valid traffic and is allowing all ports.  Tried with both "Enable MAC Address Scanning" on and off. What can possibly be wrong?

I still guess it's because the SNMP scan index being found as and because of the clear explanation from Darren, SNMP scan seems to be the only solution for this setup. 




It all seems to be a problem with the devices. After taking a closer look, I found the problem. Now... I need the solution but it's not to solve by Automate. A walk on the iLO5 device shows 2 values when running a walk on the first was and the second was strange part: the IP adres I walk on is So it's a fault by the iLO snmp stack.

Same is for the watchguard clsutered firewall with LAG, BOVPN and Vlans. Walking result in a lot of IP addresses from all interfaces, except the management interface because it's a Virtual IP address. Strangest part is that WatchGuard support tells me this is by design. The only solution is to put the probe in the same vlan/subnet as the VIP from the watchguard to be able to detect it. I'm still working with HPe for the iLO solution.

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