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Plugin fails to load in IIS

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So this is kind of weird. In our dev environment the plugin will load and run fine however when I try to install it on Live it never seems to get the green check mark under "IIS Loaded". Shortly after all hell breaks loose and we're no longer able to login to Automate.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Thanks to fullbrook on Slack for pointing out that a simple iisreset should resolve this.

These are the steps I take now to load a plugin;

1) Ensure no scripts are running that can't be killed off safely.
2) Load/Update the plugin.
3) Open a Powershell window and use "Get-Content c:\Program Files)\Labtech\Logs\LTAErrors.txt -wait -last 20". This will give you a live view of the log as it updates.
4) Restart the DB
5) Monitor the log file in the powershell window and wait until it starts setting user permissions (something along the lines of "Perm User Admin:::")
6) Run "iisadmin" in an admin command prompt
7) Check IIS Work Processes to make sure agent check-ins and web requests are coming through and clearing.

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