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Call local Automate agent to run Automate script

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Hi All,

I have a batch file that launches on the first run after a clients workstation is imaged. It names the computer, connects to the VPN, joins the domain, runs the client specific labtech agent installer, and reboots back into the script to install some apps. I'd like to introduce a way for the batch file to instruct the now running Automate agent to queue scripts on the Automate server for various application installations.

I know this can be accomplished in other ways by adding to the scripts to run when agents signup, creating searches, or leveraging EDFs, but I am looking for the specific ability to run a Windows command line command to some LT process and have it queue scripts on the Automate server.

Does anyone know if this functionality exists?

Thank you for your help.


Brian Duke


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It doesn't exist but honestly you can create a remote monitor to check for the condition of a file existing/registry entry (the monitor would fail when it does exist) that would auto fix your script to do whatever you want. You can even have the value of the entry be read in to use that as the identifier for which script should be called.... The auto fix script would clear that entry at the end of the run thus clearing the monitor state.. 

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