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Script for work station Power Settings

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Hello all, I am new to this, and also to scripting with anything in Automate.  I am looking for ideas to write a script or adopt one that someone may have.  I would like it to do the following for plugged in settings. 

1. Set power to High Performance
2. Turn off Monitor - 60 minutes
3. Put Computer to Sleep - Never 
4. Advanced Settings - Turn off hard drive - Never
5. Advanced Settings - Sleep - Allow Hybrid Sleep - Off
6. Advanced Settings - USB Settings - Plugged in - Disabled
7. Advanced Settings - PCI Express - Link State - Off
8. Network Card - Power Settings - Off. 

I have offices that run Dental software that if there are any power settings on, the dental software doesn't play well. 

Any help would be very much appreciated.  
Thank You 

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You can import, export, and change power plans in scripts with powercfg.exe



Here's something I have done in the past for "always on" devices:

  • Create a custom power plan on a reference machine 
  • Export it and grab the file it creates
  • Throw the .pow file on your LTShare\Transfer folder
  • Use an LT script to download and install it

I haven't tried it but you should be able to monitor for your customer power plan as well.

Here's the batch file I wrote to check and see if it's already installed, then install it if not, then set it active:.

Note that your GUID and (PowerPlanName) will differ from mine

:: Set Power Settings
:: Note: custom power profile should be copied in seperate step.
powercfg /h OFF
@echo off
:: Latest power plan with GUID and alias
SET custpow=Power Scheme GUID: 2d1fe04b-0337-4faa-b642-116054518679  (AlwaysOn-v1)

:: Test if latest power plan is installed, install if not
powercfg /list | findstr /c:"%custpow%" > nul
	ECHO Installing Custom Power Scheme
	powercfg /import c:\utils\power\alwayson-v1.pow 2d1fe04b-0337-4faa-b642-116054518679
) ELSE (
    ECHO Custom Power scheme already installed

:: Test if latest power plan is active, set active if not
powercfg /getactivescheme | findstr /c:"%custpow%" > nul
	ECHO Setting Cust power scheme active
	powercfg /setactive 2d1fe04b-0337-4faa-b642-116054518679
) ELSE (
	ECHO Custom power scheme already active


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