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Probes - Any good reason not to use it

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I was trying to figure out why we do not use probes for our clients at the place I work because it would be so handy especially for looking up printers and routers etc?

I am hesitant to ask because whenever I tend to bring a new idea up, there is always a reason as to why things cannot be done. 
Now there is a difference in my mind between valid reasons and non valid excuses that put roadblocks in the way of change.

We do use PRTG but compared to the accessibility of the information that the probe will provide between Automate, Manage & IT Glue, it just seems we are missing out on some huge benefits by not having a probe at each client site.

Do they cost extra or something?

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No, there is no cost and no good reason not to enable them. There are certain features/functions that expect a probe in each location. I definitely recommend enabling them.

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