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Scanning multiple vlans

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Hi All

I new to Labtech :)   , so sorry in advance if I'm missing a basic step :)

I have a client , they has a small network 90 odd devices , 3 vlans , one for data and 1 for device management and 1 for guest internet access 

All PC/servers/printers/..  live on a  network,  Switches and Wifi APs , about 25 devices , all sit on a management vlan I setup a probe on one of the server, it's a version 2 probe, after enabling it, I then go to Network Probe -> Setting add the network , the probe never finds devices in the network.  From the server the probe is running on , I can ping very active device in the network, I've tried moving the Network Probe to different servers , always the same results , it never finds any devices in the network.   
Where do I start :)

Cheers, Stephen

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The new probe requires a MAC address for it to interact/monitor a device so it will not work across vlan's I am being told.  Hopefully that changes at some point.

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