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Found an easy way to monitor health of Dell SAN arrays

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In case it helps anyone, I found a quick-and-dirty way to monitor Dell PowerVaults for hardware or RAID problems without mucking-around with SNMP.  Dell's Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM) software includes a command-line tool (SMcli.exe) that can output a list of the storage arrays it knows about and a brief health-status descriptor for each. 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\MD Storage Software\MD Storage Manager\client\smcli.exe" -d -v

The output looks something like this:

MAIN-SAN-1 [ip address] [ip address] Optimal
BACKUP-SAN-1 [ip address] [ip address] Needs Attention
SMcli completed successfully.

So I created a remote EXE monitor on the server running MDSM that runs the above command and checks if the output contains the string "needs attention".


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Mine was located at "C:\Program Files\Dell\MD Storage Software\MD Storage Manager\client\SMcli.exe" but this looks promising.  Thank you.

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