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Contribution :Suspend script if too many are active

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Suspend script if too many are active

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This script is used to suspend any other scripts that may be running by the same name if too many of it are active on the same client at once. This has the practical effect of sleeping a script, recording it's place in line and checking again in 30 seconds to validate if it's time to try again. 


To use it, set a variable in your script of MaxRuns to however many you want to run at a time, add a 15 second sleep step then use the script run function to call it. This allows it to effectively build the queue and then process them as they come in. Once it's time for that one to resume, it will return to your source script and continue. 


Special thanks to @danialbulloch, who without his help this script would have not happened. He was both the inspiration and the source of the SQL query that makes it all work


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