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Internal Monitor for Failed Scheduled Tasks

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Hey everyone,

I have been tasks with creating an internal monitor to search for a failed scheduled task. I started the configuration and I am just  not sure of the text in the Identity Field or Additional Conditions to return a result if the scheduled tasks fails. I have attached a screenshot of the config screen, the result field is the TaskID. How do I have the monitor trigger a response if the mentioned tasks doesn't run?


I really appreciate all of your help, new to ConnectWise and trying to make the most of the system.


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I don't see anything in that table that would indicate if a task was successful or not. The table appears only to list tasks for reference, but it doesn't record the results of the task.  For that it appears that you would need to use a remote monitor.

You could try something like: 

"%WINDIR%\system32\schtasks.exe" /query /tn "Adobe Acrobat Update Task" /v /fo LIST | find "Last Result:"

Or something using PowerShell, although it can be tricky to call correctly as a remote monitor.

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I think there is a eventid you could watch for that alerts on failed Scheduled tasks.

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