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Basic AV Status Report

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Hey all,

We're running into some limitations with the health history queries for the stock AV health report (too many agents, query takes too long to run), and I'm looking to modify the stock report to: show all computers for the client, whether they're at risk or not, and their current definition date. I got this from support on pulling definition data straight from the SQL backend using a query

virus definition date is stored in the computers table, in the field named virusdefs, so a query like this will get you a list of computers, their clients, and the AV definition date:

  SELECT cl.name, c.computerid, c.name, c.virusdefs FROM computers c LEFT JOIN clients cl ON c.clientid = cl.clientid;


Can anyone help me modify the stock report to pull and show the current status and definition date for a client, instead of referencing any historical data? 

Please and thank you!

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