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Monitor Plugin Return Information Blank

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Hi all,

We've recently made a few remote monitor based plugins for Automate to check on the status of a few things. However we seem to have an issue where whilst the monitors succeed/fail without issue, they never seem to save the result into the "Return Information" box. I've checked the database and confirm that is it also blank there.

For example a monitor plugin I've made to check the status of a Virtual Server on Netscaler alerts when the returned data is not equal to "UP". This works. But instead of "DOWN" or whatever the returned data is being saved it instead has a bunch of spaces saved in its place.

This is quite frustrating as we'd like to be able to read this information to pass it along to our alerts/tickets.

Has anyone else come across this problem?



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Hi again,

Figured it out not 20 minutes after posting. Seems you need to set the failMessage and successMessage variables to the data you want returned as well as returning your data that the check is to run against. Now all working as intended :)



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