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We are a small tech team servicing multiple clients (mostly dents offices) and many do have windows 10 computers. Due to what Microsoft has changed to their updates some updates cannot  be pushed by labtech and need to be done manually.  How are ya'll handling pushing these updates that labtech is not pushing. Is there a script we can create to push these big update such as the version 1809? Is the plugins4automate Patch-Remedy a good option? Anyone use it?

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The way I understand it, feature updates are handled by whatever service branch their in, which you can find in your Microsoft Update Policy. This document from Microsoft will tell you which branch gets what feature update and when.

In ours, we had Semi-Annual Channel selected, which isn't set to receive 1809, yet. I changed it to Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) and am currently testing to see if my agents pick that up. In theory, Windows will just decide when to install the update based on your servicing options and won't appear in your normal, Automate, patch list. Once installed, however, subsequent "Feature updates" will appear for the version you're on (1803, 1809, etc).

I hope this makes sense. I'm still struggling with this as well. Currently to track, I've setup searches for each build of Windows 10 to confirm what's getting it. I did this with 1803 and it seems that nearly all of my devices received it at some point.

Hope that helps.

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