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Give user permissions only for certain locations

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One of our customers has recently taken IT partly in-house, and it would be helpful for their new IT guy to have access via Automate to computers at their location only.

For ScreenConnect, we have created a group with permissions for this user only. However, in Automate, I can't see a way to do this.

Is this possible?

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Yes. Each client has a permissions tab and you can add a class there.

These steps should get you going:

  •  in control center, open system > users and contacts > user class manager 
  • click on the plus to add a new class. Give it a generic name, it can be used for multiple clients and multiple users. Don't assign it any rights. close the user class manager
  • open system > users and contacts > users
  • Select your new client user account
  • assign them the new class you've created
  • on the groups and clients tab, remove all the default groups and clients assigned
  • Assign them only the group-membership = the client they need access to. Close the dialog
  • Open the client properties, permissions tab.
  • Assign the new user class (right click in the list)
  • To this new class assign all the roles you want. I allow everything except delete.

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