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A statement by the team at LabTechGeek/MSPGeek

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Looking for our Slack? Our new workspace name is mspgeek.slack.com.
Your account is still active, just sign in to that workspace name instead.

A few months ago, the Admin team got together in one of our periodic video calls and discussed how much LabTechGeek had changed since its original inception. We’re incredibly proud, and lucky, to be a part of such a wonderful community. LabTechGeek has seen significant growth over the last few years, and as more people have joined the community the nature, and needs, have changed by becoming more diverse and varied. This isn’t just a bi-product of growth but also of changing requirements for companies and individuals in the IT/MSP sector as a whole.

With this in mind we took a look at our branding and came to the conclusion that it was time for our brand to represent more what the LabTechGeek community is about today, and what we believed would benefit us all going forward.


It took a lot of deliberation and effort, but we finally came up with something we are all pleased with. We are pleased to introduce to you our new name and brand:


This does not mean we are moving away from our ConnectWise Automate/LabTech specialism - far from it.  This community was built on the Automate/LabTech platform and as time has gone on we've grown to accomodate the other ConnectWise products as well. Our foundation is just that, a foundation - ConnectWise Automate/LabTech will continue to be at the core of our community. What we want to do is to expand community input and experiences with the rest of the ConnectWise product line into the community in the same way we did with Automate.

This isn't just for ConnectWise either, we see plenty of questions and collaboration in the community that relate to standard MSP areas like service pricing, Office 365, security, documentation, hiring, customer service etc. We want to be the community where people come to discuss any aspects of their MSP.

Going forward our website will change to https://www.mspgeek.com and there will be changes in Slack and other areas.

We hosted a GeekCast discussing our new branding and answering any questions you might have. We will post the link up to the recording in due course.

We are excited for the continued growth and improvement of our community, and we hope you are too.

We wouldn’t be here without the contribution, and feedback of our community members so please feel free to throw any ideas you have for the community at us; we’ll be happy to have them.

We have created a thread below for the discussion. Please feel free to ask any questions! 


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