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Servers not alerting on bad hardware

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We are a couple months new to ConnectWise and have recently came across a very troublesome shortcoming.

This past weekend servers went offline, we were alerted on the servers being offline, however, we were not alerted on what caused this issue.

After looking through the Event Logs we determined that RAID 5 array error was the cause.

Has anyone experienced a situation like this? What can we do to monitor our servers more progressively?

I know how to setup monitors to alert on event logs, but in the past we’ve noticed these Event IDs change so this isn’t the most accurate way to monitor.

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16 hours ago, Gavsto said:

What type of servers?

Both of the servers are VMs. One is running MS Server 2012 Standard and acting as the Domain Controller and the other is running MS Server 2016 Standard hosting SQL and Sage.

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