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Uninstall Eset Remote Administrator Agent

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Hey there,

I'm trying to migrate our clients from our V6 Eset console to our new ESET Security Management Center. I wanted a script that uninstalls the remote agent on a PC and then a script that installs the new agent msi. Bit of a noob when it comes to automate scripting. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, we had to remove ESET before installing our own AV at a few of our clients. The issue was that it couldn't be done without the uninstall password, and the only workaround was to reboot into safe mode and run a script provided on the ESET support site to remove it without the password. We eventually contacted the old MSP and were able to work with them to re-hook up their ESET plugin into our platform and push the uninstall command, that got most of them. They couldn't give us the password. It was a manual removal by field techs to get the remaining ones. Not a fun project. 

For your specific issue, you might want to reach out to ESET support or check their website. I would assume they have something already, given the above experience. 

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