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Webroot is being acquired by Carbonite - Blech!

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This is horrible news.

We used AVG when they were the darling of the industry many years ago. They got big and downhill the antivirus went.

We switched to Vipre when they were the darling of the industry. They were acquired by GFI and went downhill afterwards.

We switched to Webroot and have been happy ...until now.

I have zero hope that Webroot will fare any different after this acquisition than AVG or Vipre did. On top of that ...Carbonite??? Really? I can't believe they are still in business in the day of super cheap and much better online backup choices, Carbonite is as outdated at floppy disks. I would have been less surprised if Webroot acquired Carbonite.


Anyone with recommendations for where we go next when Webroot starts to suck?

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I agree I am concerned, but I certainly never recall a time with AVG were darlings of anything let alone AVG.

We were a Symantec Partner until 18 months ago. Happy with what they offered, until they just didn't keep up with the next gen offering and had no Ransomware protection or remediation.

We had a partnership with Sophos and overall we think their solution is pretty good, excellent even, even if it's pretty heavy resource wise. The issue with it is price, which is eye-watering unless they are doing a promo. It has a few glaring functionality limitations which have caused customers to ask us for other solutions (such as the ability to allow an end user who has permissions to clear their history etc)

Webroot has been ok for us, but I am deeply concerned by this acquisition. More so than others I have seen.  Carbonite isn't a company I am thrilled to be the purchaser, but equally, in my view WR leadership isn't probably heavy weight enough at this stage to be hugely bigger.  I don't mean disrepesct to the current Cxo suite, but specific skill sets are required to lead larger organizations.

If Webroot start with price hikes and other nonsense, I'll be reassessing my stack.


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