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Function to raise 1 alert when a specific alert triggers on multiple devices in the same location

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The thought occurred to me after I had a rouge DHCP Server took down my network. I setup Darrens RougeDHCPDetection but enabled it.


Thoughts. I would love to put this monitor on all computers/agents and if more then 1 computer goes into a fail state instead of each computer creating its own monitoring ticket. Create a 1x master ticket.

In this scenario, any computer in the same subnet will be part of my master ticket. 


No idea where to start with this yet.

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You could do something like....  have the rougeDHCP monitor raise an alert.   Then run a script that looks at the active alerts, matches the agents of those alerts to the same location/subnet, then do a ticket UPDATE from the script.  There might be a way to avoid using alerts and looking straight at the monitors table to pull the info, but alerts might be more handy as it's easier to see when they are cleared, so less worry about timing WHEN the alert happened.  Just look for an active alert that hasn't been cleared.  I have no idea if this is a viable solution, I am 100% doing a thought experiment / brain storm here.  

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