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I'm new to Automate - so please be gentle. I'm looking for a way of monitoring external firewall ports for a client. So, for example, Client A has a vendor that doesn't like to work onsite so they open a port on the firewall so they can work remotely - the problems are: 

1- we don't know it's opened (onsite tech opens it)

2 - we don't know what port they opened

Without old RMM I setup a monitor for standard ports - 3389, etc. but they just started using non-standard to get around it. I'd like to be able to monitor ALL ports for changes really so if all of a sudden port 8523 opens, I know it. 

I'm wondering if there is a way in Automate to monitor this natively without having to monitor the results of an executable and and a 3rd party program. Is anyone doing this now or does anyone have an idea of how to do it with Automate?

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another solution would be to obtain some sort of a portscan tool which returned a list of open ports. 

Then you write a small script which runs every day which executes this script from your own server and you pass it the public Ip of your client.

You compare the results to the contents of an edf or static variable. If they're not equal, open a ticket.

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