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Manage Integration, Autofix, Ticketing, & Time

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I'm trying to get my integration with manage further along during our deployment here and was hoping for some guidance. I'm still getting a LOT of ticket noise and have been holding off on enabling the ticket integration with manage until I could get that a little more manageable. One thing I notice is a LOT of tickets are Autofix tickets, that should self resolve and close themselves (I'd assume). So few questions around this stuff:

  1. A default Autofix action such as ~Autofix Action Temp File Cleanup seems to run a script which cleans up some stuff AND makes a ticket. What's the best method to have that ticket auto-close with time allocated to the ticket?
  2. In the Config->Integrations->Ignite section there is an option called "Autofix Time Category ID" - I can't seem to figure out how to map that to a specific work type in Manage, or is this not possible? Not sure on best method there.

If anyone can guide me to some additional documentation or how-to's on doing this would be great. Basically I want to get to the point were we have a lot of time pushed over to tickets to show customers some of the value of the automation we're trying to do here.

Thank you!

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One other thing.


I’ve got:

  1. Autofix Enable Time Billing set to 1
  2. UserID to Create Tickets set to 12 (this user is created in Manage as well with same username as the one in Automate)

Tickets coming over to manage don’t have any time and have a generic username listed as “Connectwise Software”. Not sure why the name isn't lining up properly.

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