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ScreenConnect Mass Uninstall

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Anyone have a script example that will uninstall old versions of ScreenConnect?  Some of our Clients have 3-4 older versions from previous IT etc.

We would like to be able to run this script against all computers in Automate, but keep the current version.

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This one is simple.

Open dataviews > software  > all software > Filter on %screenconnect%

When it installs the screenconnect  application has a different name for each instance, so yours are different from the instances installed by other IT companies. So from the list it should be obvious which one is your companies instance - the most frequent to appear.

Sort by application name so the different versions are all grouped together > select the rows > right click > application > uninstall.

You can do this via searches and monitors, but if this is a one-off cleanup then its not worth the effort as the dataview approach is maybe a minutes work.

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I just realised you asked for a script. If you did want to do it via a script it would be a bit more work. I'd just add a line to shell a wmic uninstall for each instance you know to exist and run that against all agents.The syntax for wmic is

wmic product where "name like 'Screenconnect%(b123456789b)'" call uninstall /nointeractive 



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