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Script help - SQL get value

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Hi All,

Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction for this one.

This is the current script:
SELECT LEFT(t.SUBJECT,250) AS `Ticket Subject` FROM tickets t JOIN computers c ON c.computerid=t.computerid WHERE c.computerid = '%computerid%' AND TIMEDIFF(t.starteddate, NOW()) <  '72:00:00' AND NOT t.subject LIKE 'LTVM Guest%' AND NOT t.subject LIKE '%success%' GROUP BY `Ticket Subject` HAVING COUNT(*) > '350'

This script was setup by the old admin that is no longer with the company. I was having a look into it because it seemed to be logging false positives and found that the section <TIMEDIFF(t.starteddate, NOW())> is actually finding a negative value so it wasn't working as intended. 

I updated it to <TIMEDIFF(NOW(), t.starteddate) <  '72:00:00'> and that broke the script.
I also tried <TIMEDIFF(t.starteddate, NOW()) >  '-72:00:00> and <starteddate > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 72 HOUR)> but the script is still failing at that line. 

All 3 options above run correctly when running them against the DB myself so im at a loss to why they are failing in the script. 

I attempted to simplify it by changing the whole script to this:
SELECT LEFT(`subject`,250) AS `Ticket Subject` FROM tickets WHERE computerid = '
%computerid%' AND starteddate > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 72 HOUR) AND NOT `subject` LIKE 'LTVM Guest%' AND NOT `subject` LIKE '%success%' GROUP BY `Ticket Subject` HAVING COUNT(*) > '350'
But that also failed in the script despite working in mysql. 

Has anyone had this happen before? Any ideas where I am going wrong?

edit: if it matters, still on v11 patch 19.

Any help is appreciated.


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