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Creating Admin user accounts for iMac

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Hello Gentlemen and Gentlewomen!

I've a bunch of iMac connected to Labtech. According to this article:


It's possible to create a custom Labtech script to create user account on a Mac. Now, I'm almost sure that creating Admin permissions account on a Mac from Labtech is not possible (or, at least, I couldn't find any way of doing this), but before I completely cross this option I thought I will ask your opinions. 

Has anyone else encountered the same problem? Is there any way for me to script creating admin account on iMac's, or will I be forced to create them manually through remote desktop?

If this question was already asked - I apologise for creating the topic. I have been searching for it on the forums but couldn't find anything!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Chiming in as someone who's been looking into this for a while--the consensus seems to be that this is less and less practical as you get to later and later MacOS versions. IIRC, for High Sierra and earlier, some variation of this in a Shell command will work:

sysadminctl -addUser @adminname@ -fullName @adminfullname@ -password @adminpass@ -admin

but for Mojave and Catalina I don't believe this will do the trick, and furthermore even on High Sierra you'll run into some weirdness with Apple's hardware encryption doing this through the command line.

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