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Hi. Was wondering if anyone has got the automate API to work for a hosted Automate install? I'm trying to grab data automatically from the automate database and as we are hosted can't use ODBC.

Hoping even if someone has a small c# sample they could share? I've read the documentation but it didn't give me any luck unfortunately.

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Probably to expand on where I am having issues. I'm using (https://developer.connectwise.com/Products/Automate/REST/API_Model#/APIToken/APIToken_Post1) and (https://developer.connectwise.com/Products/Automate/REST) as some guides. I'm also using https://apitester.com/ to test the API calls.

I'm not able to get an authentication key, so not able to get much further. 

I'm hitting https://mysite.hostedrmm.com/cwa/api/v1/apitoken with my username/password but getting an "Access is denied due to invalid crednetials". I know the username/password is correct and I have "super admin" user class and should be able to get to everything afaik.


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