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I created a basic redirector a while ago that I find useful from time to time when dealing with Linux machines or SSH based devices to transfer files back and forth. I've tested a few times and had good results so hopefully people can benefit from the same. Simply place the winscp.exe into the root of your Labtech Client folder (I've created a simple search for our machines internally with the client and used a quick script to push the exe to the machines) and create the redirector based on the following:


Name: WinSCP

Program: %programfiles%\Labtech Client\putty\winscp.exe

Arguments: scp://%LocalIP1%:%LocalPort1%

Redirector Type: Unix, Device, Computer

Local Port: 0

Local IP:

Remore Port: 22

Remote IP: %RemoteIP%

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For those using keys instead of password, you can use what myoung posted above and then for the argument use:


scp://root@%LocalIP1%:%LocalPort1% /privatekey=L:\keys\%ComputerName%.ppk


Where the key is stored in LTSHARE under the keys directory. Actually, you might want to create a folder under keys for ClientName (possibly even add ClientLocation) and then ComputerName.ppk.


It might be even better if this was turned into an EDF containing the username and key.

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I know this is an old thread, but it's what search found when I queried for creating a network redirector for putty.


Maybe this can't be done, but I'm trying to set LabTech up where I can putty into network switches and routers from inside LabTech, under the Client | Network folder. I followed basically what was listed, but substituted putty.exe for winscp.exe. Here is what I have:


Name: Putty

Program: %programfiles%\Labtech Client\putty\putty.exe

Arguments: -ssh %RemoteIP% (this is the correct argument - I can run; putty.exe -ssh switch IP and get there fine)

Redirector Type: Device / Basic

Redirected Ports: Same as in the winscp example


After a bit I get an error that the Tunnel couldn't be established. It looks like it's trying to go through our Network Probe device, which is the domain controller for the location.


Any ideas? Or am I trying something that won't work?




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