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VBS Script Through Automate

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I am trying to implement a script that will give users a choice to reboot their computer now or put it off until later.

When running the script locally it works properly.

When I push it through automate it does not alert the user, and keeps the script "Running" until I manually stop the script.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I attached some screenshots, so hopefully everything is clear.

(I didn't create this from script from scratch)




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I'm not too familiar with VBS but the fact that it doesn't run properly when pushed through Automate may have to do with how the agent is executing the script. 

When you run the code locally you are running it under your user account.  Typically when Automate does it is running as system.  

You may want to save the vbs script to the local machine and run it as the logged in user using 'if console logged on' to grab the %consolenumber% variable and then execute your vbs by calling the cscript with Console Execute


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