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Offline Server + Offline Location condition check

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Hello all,


Currently we have our LT - Offline Server monitor generating tickets when a server shows offline, the with a workflow within ConnectWise Manage we get sent text messages & emails alerting us.  This becomes very annoying when an entire location goes offline and we get roughly 20-30 server offline texts/emails.  

I've attempted to do some research in how to make the Offline Server Monitor check to see if the Offline Location monitor is triggered for that location and if so, not send out notifications for the offline servers.  With this I've seen some suggestions to add an "Additional Condition" to the LT - Offline Servers monitor; however no one has specifically mentioned what to add.


Unfortunately I am not a SQL export and do not know what Syntax to use for something like that.  Can someone point us in the right direction and give us an example of what they used to accomplish this?

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This monitor we use only sends an alert to the pager if the machine is offline for 20mins PLUS there still are other computes at the same location that _have_ checked in within the last 5 mins. This stops your 20-30 alerts scenario you describe as it singles out a machine. If everything is offline this monitor is silent (so you need a second monitor for Location offline)



The text on the query page reads:

Create Temporary Table Tcomp (INDEX (Computerid)) SELECT SubGroupwchildren.computerid,SubGroupwchildren.GroupID,Mastergroups.Priority FROM SubGroupwchildren JOIN Mastergroups USING(groupid) WHERE  FIND_IN_SET(SubGroupwchildren.groupid,'1095,1111') AND SubGroupwchildren.ComputerID NOT IN (Select ComputerID from AgentIgnore Where AgentID=17846);Select DISTINCT 'C',computers.computerid,computers.Name as ComputerName,Convert(CONCAT(clients.name,' ',locations.name) Using utf8) As Location, computers.`LastContact` as TestValue,computers.name FROM (computers LEFT JOIN  Locations ON Locations.LocationID=computers.Locationid) LEFT JOIN Clients ON Clients.ClientID=Computers.clientid  JOIN AgentComputerData on Computers.ComputerID=AgentComputerData.ComputerID WHERE computers.`LastContact` < date_add(now(),interval -20 minute) AND  ((Select Count(*) from Computers Where Computers.locationid=locations.locationid AND Computers.LastContact>Date_Add(Now(),Interval -5 minute))>0)  AND Computers.ComputerID IN (Select Distinct ComputerID From Tcomp); Drop TEMPORARY Table Tcomp;


Hope this helps :)

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