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Sorry if this is something I should know, but for some reason my customer noticed that one of their servers received KB4489882 update during this last weekend's patching but another server did not (both Server 2016 Standard x64). Each uses the same Approval Policy and this patch is approved. However one server attempted and installed the update while the other didn't attempt and, in fact, doesn't even have a patch history as it relates to this update.

I have no idea what to tell them because it makes no sense to me. if the update is available and approved through the same approval policy why would one have it and the other have no history of even attempting it?



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@RickDubs Is the patching policy properly applied to the second server? Is the Windows Update service malfunctioning? Is maybe one server in a pilot stage and the other in a production stage? Do both servers have the same exact hardware and driver sets? Some times patches are not approved for a specific set of hardware.

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Windows PCs need the latest servicing stack update (SSU) to see patches released later...see if it's missing one of those?  If it is missing the PC won't see updates.

run Windows Update on the server and see if it sees that update and/or installs an SSU first.

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