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Cluster-Aware Updating

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Hi Guys,

Looking for some help in regards to cluster-aware updating. We have a cluster which failed to patch for 2 months, this was only noticed because the device did not restart and the monitor - Device not restarted in LT Automate triggered. I had to do some leg work to find out why it failed and i believe i have resolved it, however i am trying to see how i can setup a monitor to alert me weekly if the Cluster-aware updating fails.


My first thoughts where to create monitors on the device using System Logs Event ID's specifically for the following;

EVENT ID: 2004/ Level: Error/ Details: Download failed with HRESULT 0x800704C7

EVENT ID: 2002/ Level: Error/ Details: Scan failed with HRESULT 0x8024402F

EVENT ID: 2007/ Level: Warning/ Details: Cancelling Windows Update Agent operation


And for success confirmation 

EVENT ID: 2001/ Level: Information/ Details: Scan for updates succeeded

EVENT ID: 2003/ Level: Information/ Details: Download for updates succeeded.

EVENT ID: 2005/ Level: Information/ Details: Install for updates succeeded. Installed 1 updates


I believe this is the way to go, however looking for any other solutions out there. 

Suggestions appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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