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Network Location Awareness Monitor?

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So, earlier this year 2012 and 2016 servers started having goofy NLA (Network Location Awareness) issues where the NIC would detect the profile as just "Network" and not "domain.local"

We know that this is a quick fix with just restarting the NLA service.

Also, did the attempt at making the NLA service having an "Automatic - Delayed" start.

But we are seeing this happen in servers that are not rebooting.  Somehow, during the day or overnight, NLA just loses the domain.

How would I go about first, checking to make sure NLA has a domain, and second, creating a monitor that scripts the restart of the NLA service?

Or would it be simpler to just make a script that restarts the NLA service every day?


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I'm probably going to end up building a script around the idea of checking NLA's status and kicking the service, and scheduling that script to run a few times per day/night. My bit of PowerShell that'll determine if the service needs kicking:

Get-WmiObject MSFT_NetConnectionProfile -Namespace root/StandardCimv2 | Select -ExpandProperty NetworkCategory

If the result is '2' then it's in "domain" mode and the service can be left alone.

Hope that helps a bit.

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