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Joe Lusk

Working with a CSV variable

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I have a unique situation where I an trying to modify a list to enable it to more easily work in a powershell script.  The text looks like this:

SprocketUsers,Domain Users,Password Sync

It can vary in length so I am doing a ForEach type function with it in PS

Now to use it in my PS script each CSV needs to have a single quote on it, like this:

'SprocketUsers','Domain Users','Password Sync'

I can do a REGEX and split them out, but it appears that I can only work with the first match(?)  SET: @Output1@  =  MATCH(@sqldefaultgroups@ PATTERN (?<=^|,)(?:'{2}|(?:)|[^,'\r\n]+|'(?:'{2}|[^']+)+')(?=,|$))

Does anyone know any way to do this reformatting? Either via Automate scripting or PS


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