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Service Blacklist - OneSyncSvc_

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We get a lot of these coming in for the automatic startup monitor. However, the end of the service name is always different. We just want to blacklist all services with OneSyncSvc_ in the beginning. Here is a sample service name:


Is there a way to do this via wildcard?

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Yeah, whatever genius at Microsoft decided that servers should create those per-user services at login needs to be horsewhipped. Anyway! We ended up making a copy of the "SVC - Auto Services Stopped" internal monitor with this tacked onto the end of the Configuration directive:

 AND Services.name not like '%OneSyncSvc%'

We disabled the stock one and enabled our copy in our Servers 24x7 service plan group, and voila. Seems to be working. (We don't have auto-services monitoring enabled at all for workstations, because ain't nobody got that kind of free time.)

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