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Hi All,

I'm asked to detect the difference between MSSQL Express Edition (free) and payed versions. So after a long search I found how to detect the difference. A powershell query like: 

"Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ComputerManagement11 -Class SqlServiceAdvancedProperty | Where-Object {$_.PropertyName -eq 'SKUNAME'} | select PropertyStrValue | format-list"

will return Express Edition (or another editions).

This is the one for SQL Server 2012... other versions need to look at another version of ComputerManagement but in the end it will return the version.

So I had a good idea, lets make it a role detection rule! But there's something I can't get to work. So who can tell me what i'm doing wrong?


It simply will not detect the express editions... Why?!

Role Detection MSSQL Server 2012 Express.sql

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