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Software Install blocking, looking for recommendations

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Hi all.

Im looking for a way to block in install of only some software.

i know i can lock it down with GP but i was hoping to be able to target particular software.

we monitor many sites and we have one or two computers per day pop up with some form or another of "blah homepage and blah blah" generic homepage hijackers.

I have been working on the education side of this however the time investment to return is hardly promising. 

I also encounter some people who get youtube rippers etc. 

Looking to try and protect my clients and minimise my own workload, im tired of chasing down people who wont listen.

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You can use a GPO to block the installation of executables into the user profile - exceptions are permittted but have to be listed by route. 

If you then remove admin rights from the user then they can't install anything and can't run exes directly from their profile.

Another way to block certain software is to create the path to where the software normally installs, change the security to deny access to the user, lock down anything which will allow them to change the security. You can even do this with specific exe's in a directory. Create the file, change the security to deny user access to the exe and that will make writing the exe into that name impossible.

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