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Exclude SMART Disabled Alerts

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I copied the monitor and in the additional conditions copied the "v_smartattributes.attributeid<>190" and added: "and v_smartattributes.attributeid<>0".

However, we still get the alerts for attribute 0 and shows when building the query. Not sure what the issue is. Full Additional Condition is below. I'm hesitant to believe even the 190 is working. When I view the query results we have some with a value of 15. I changed the 190 to 15 and it still shows in our query.


v_smartattributes.Threshold>0 and ((((Computers.Flags & 2048) <> 2048)) ) and (computers.os not like 'Mac OS X%' and computers.os not like 'Linux%') and v_smartattributes.attributeid<>190 AND v_smartattributes.attributeid<>0 AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE)


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