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Everyday, All Day Patching

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Hi all,

I am looking for a way to set up a group that will allow any computer added to it to continue patching all day long as long as it has outstanding patches. I envision being able to add new computers to this group and have them run MS patching until completely updated.

Currently, I set up  a group and assigned the following MS Update Policy to it:

Day: Custom

Start Time: 12AM

Duration: 23 Hours

Selected all days, of every month.

I then assigned the follow reboot policy:

Disable reboot window, issue reboot when patching is complete. Reboot based on Patch Reboot Mode settings.

Patch Reboot Mode: Now

When I add a computer to this group, it initially begins patching, installs available patches, and then reboots. The computer then has additional patches that are outstanding either as follow-up patches or patches that couldn't be installed till after a reboot, but the computer doesn't attempt to install those patches until the next morning at 12AM when it hits the next patch window.

How do I go about making sure that after the first set of patches are installed, the machine reboots, and then continues patching again?

Is there an easy way to get this setup?

Patching 1.png

Patching 2.png

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I think that's by desig. Isn't there a patch function inside the script you can use to kick off patches 

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Setting a long window like that will mean that it will end up waiting 23hrs to reboot.

My thought would be to not use patch manager, but something like Powershell Windows Update module, create an automate script to download and add that, run a get, then install, check reboot status, reboot if needed and rinse and repeat either a few times or if you can figure out how to get it to parse output for no remaining updates available to stop there.


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