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New Third Wall released

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Hello All,

We've just released the latest version of Third Wall.  You can get it from this link:  https://license.third-wall.com/dl/ThirdWall Installer.exe

Lots of improvements; here's a partial list of what's changed:

  • Support for the new report engine.  The Crystal Reports are still included.
  • Checkbox option for Enable User Logon Reporting which will 'Include Type 3 Logon Failures'.  This means the Logon Reporter can now record network authentication failures.
  • Alert on Excessive Logon Failures added Type 7 (screen unlock) and Type 11 (cached credentials) logon failures.
  • Logon message now supports the apostrophe
  • Logon Monitoring now describes the specific reason for logon failures (e.g. User name does not exist, Password expired, etc..)
  • Lots more!

If you're already running Third Wall then the easiest way to update is to open any Third Wall location screen and press the 'Update Available' button.  Let me know if you have any questions on this, otherwise happy updating!

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