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Having an odd one here, or at least I think it's odd.

I'm missing a lot of the "Responded Device to xxxxx Device" detection templates.

For example: APC Smart-UPS

I have Discovered Device to Responded Device > APC UPS to APC Smart-UPS

What's missing from the majority is the Responded Device > APC UPS

I did open a support ticket and the tech walked me through manually creating the bridge, which was the conclusion I came to anyway, but now when I go into the Solution Center it tells me the Probe templates are out of sync.

I've opened a number of tickets recently that were resolved by fixing DB tables missing information and even tables completely missing altogether, so I'm just wondering if the gap is on our end or if it's something missing from all implementations...

TL:DR - Did your SNMP probe discover devices like DELL iDRAC or APC UPS out of the box, or did you have to manually edit your known device Detection templates?

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Posted (edited)

Probe templates out of sync is a known issue, it will basically always show that for any of the built-in templates once you start adding your own (ie, adding new routers/switches/etc under the existing device templates tree). Aside from some printers, most of the devices we manage had to be added via custom templates.

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