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Server Migrations from Azure to Vmware

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I was able to ghost Automate from Azure to Vmware. I went to talk to CW about final steps to bring it online and was told.

"Today you asked if it was possible to take a ghost image of your old automate server and install it to a new server, i explained that this would not work because when you setup Automate Server it creates unique registry entries and you can't just copy those over, they have to be created. "

I hung up the call a little confused as I'm not sure what would really change if I shut the other one off and turned the new one on with the updated DNS settings. Has anyone tried to migrate like this before?

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We successfully performed a failover test from on-premise to Azure for our Automate, Control and DB servers (and our Manage server). We verified that the systems were working, agents were checking in, etc and then failed back successfully.

Prior to this, we did some prep such as ensuring that all machine name references were either a correct external FQDN or the internal FQDN which would be updated when the machine powered up in the cloud. (No hardcoded IP references, no unqualified host names, etc.)

I think it's safe to say that this isn't a "supported" thing, but it's definitely possible.

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