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ConnectWise Automate Script - Update Dell SupportAssist

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I found that Duong's script worked great when it was updating Dell SupportAssist 3.x, but when the computers had Dell SupportAssist 1.x or 2.x installed it would simply install the new version side by side.

I updated it to include some uninstallation logic - first running through all the known uninstallers and then if that fails doing a manual removal of the old software. Then it goes into Duong's installation script to push the new version. This has fixed 99% of the problem computers I had automatically.


Dell - May 2019 - Dell Support Assist Vulnerability - Updated.xml

(Script called "Dell - May 2019 - Dell Support Assist Vulnerability" found in the "Share" folder if you leave it default)

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I can fully uninstall Dell support Assist when I run the command in my PC but it does not work as a script.

Am I missing any step?

" Get-CimInstance -Classname Win32_Product | Where-Object Name -Match ‘Dell SupportAssist’ | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName UnInstall "



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